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To capitalize on trends and manage your product categories to achieve outstanding results, you need real methods, plans and tactics specifically designed for that purpose.

Fortunately, they're all included in our Retail Brand & Category Management Workshop.

Can't attend? Please read on for the exciting news.

You probably already know that DMSRetail Inc. offers the three day Retail Brand & Category Management Workshop in locations around the world. But we've heard that many of our customers can't attend due to hectic schedules and/or prohibitive costs and travel related expenses.

So we worked to solve that problem for you!

*Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course on DVD*

Now everyone can have access to this great learning experience.

When you play your DVD's you'll see the same PowerPoint Presentation that you would see if you were attending in person. And you'll hear the same content you would hear from the Senior Consultants who lead the actual workshop.

If you have questions about anything being presented, you just send us an email, to the address we'll provide with your purchase, and we'll get an answer back to you promptly. We have resources dedicated to handle your inquiries.

There are major benefits to you that go beyond the enormous cost savings.

"In the 21st century, branding ultimately will be the only unique differentiator between companies. Brand equity is now a key asset." Fortune Magazine

"Category Management is a process that involves managing product categories as business units and customizing them (on a store by store basis) to satisfy customer needs." Nielsen

Retail Brand & Category Management

Category Management is a more powerful and effective way of managing your inventory which, obviously, leads to higher sales and profits. So everyone in the organization benefits!

This Study Course is well suited to anyone who touches, deals with, or otherwise works in the product side of retail.

With the Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course on DVD, you get the convenience of 'attending' whenever, and wherever, it's convenient for you and/or your colleagues; and you can study at your own pace.

You also have the DVD's to review at any point in the future.

You can keep this Study Course in your training library and train others as the need arises.

Program Outline

Brand Management

 Strategic brand management process

 Lessons from the world’s strongest brands

 Eight keys to branding excellence

 Brand Planning Models: Positioning-Resonance-Value Chain

 Brand Hierarchies and How to Profit from them

 3 Key Drivers of Brand Equity

 How to Design and Implement a Brand Equity Measurement System

 Effective Brand Extension Strategies

 Using the marketing mix to effectively deliver the brand to the marketplace


Category Management Fundamentals

 8 Stages of Category Management Process

 Developing a business case with high ROI

 Category Growth & Efficiency Drivers

 Utilization of Consumer Decision Trees in Category Development

 Cross category analysis

 Integration of Customer Relationship Management with Category Management

Category Analytics

 Validation of Hypotheses: Retail-Brand/Consumer-Shopper-Supply Perspectives

 Data Sources

 Construction of Balanced Score Card for the Category

 How to develop Category insights in limited data environments

 A review of leading category management technologies


Category Strategies & Tactics

 Maximizing frequency of purchase

 Shopper and Consumer Education-Awareness-Persuasion

 Price Optimization to deliver maximum gross margins

 Assortment Planning for top profit

 Effective Space Planning, shelf presentation and Use of Planograms

 Winning promotions to maximize sales and inventory turns

 Drivers of store execution excellence

 How to re-build/adjust tactics at store level after implementation of the Category plan


Category Management Best Practices

 Case Studies

 Customizing categories according to customer segmentation

 A Success framework for integration of customer, product and functional strategies

 Improving category performance by clustering

 Next generation category management review process

We realize that, at this point, you might be wondering what some of our past attendees have to say about the Retail Brand & Category Management Workshop, so here you go:

"An extensive workshop on Brand & Category Management covering all aspects of branding in a retail environment, a must for all retailers."

"Very interesting and useful training. Materials are excellent. The Instructors were very smooth in explaining the course; really very professional with strong experience. I would like to have more training with DMSRetail."

"Simply everything was great...the venue, atmosphere, workshop agenda, etc. The Instructors were great, passionate, helpful."

"Excellent training, to the point, material is great (slides, videos, etc.) It's a very interactive workshop. The trainers are excellent."

"Very useful, knowledgeable training. Great group interaction, excellent venue selection."

"The content is really rich, presenters are experienced and able to deliver and explain the points."

"I think everything was great. The instructors were very professional and well prepared."

"Everything was perfect. The training topic was great and added value to me. I hope to enjoy similar training in the near future."

"Course was very organized; materials were very good and professional. Instructors were excellent."

"Going back with a lot of ideas to implement wherever possible."

If you want to gain all of the information, knowledge and insights from Senior Consultants of DMSRetail, who have been there and done it with great success, without investing the block of time and money to attend the three day workshop, then this offer is definitely for you.

You’ll get 5 DVDs with the course content and PowerPoint presentations that accompany them. You also get:

Special Bonus:

 Recent Technologies for Retail on DVD

Risk Free: You get to try the Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course. If you don’t think this course has paid for itself several times over, just ask for a refund.

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Retail Brand & Category Management

YourTime Study Course

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