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Sales results are affected by everything you do.

Picture a huge funnel.

Then think of all of the decisions you make and all of the actions you take - and imagine them getting thrown into the top of the funnel.

These are the same decisions and actions that will produce your sales results that come out of the bottom of the funnel. Good or not so good...either way you'll get out what you put in. You get to decide.

In other words, what goes in, must come out - get all the fundamentals right and you will end up with the expected result...the sales increases you planned for.

Remember, absolutely everything that goes into your funnel - good or bad - is going to contribute to or take away from the outcome.

The key, of course, is putting the right stuff into the funnel! And that's where the Super Retail Success Bundle comes in.

By mastering the topics below…every one of them, and more, covered in your Super Retail Success Bundle…you’re going to know exactly what to put into your funnel so you will not have to worry about what's going to come out the other end...the results will be what you expect them to be:

If you want profitable sales increases in your retail business…and who doesn't?…you have to get all of the fundamentals right. You have to know what it takes.

When you’re using the Super Retail Success Bundle, you don't HOPE for sales increases…you EXPECT sales increases.

Let’s look at how it’s done and how you’re going to put the Super Retail Success Bundle to work for you…

Super Retail Success Bundle

Best Practices in Retail Leadership - there are hundreds of these throughout the 1,000+ pages of the Super Retail Success Bundle. You will become the next retail operations management guru after absorbing all of these best practices.

Retail Selling Skills and Retail Sales Management - a lot of content in the Super Retail Success Bundle point to these two critical areas of your retail operation.

Advanced Retail Management Concepts - after going through the bundle a couple of times, and after you get the basics down pat, you'll want to come back and ponder some of the thought provoking ideas in Managing for Higher Retail Success.

Recruiting and Interviewing Skills - When it comes to hiring the right people and knowing what to ask to get meaningful information - it's all here in "Hiring Aces". This is something you can rely on to help you hire great people.

Retail Staff and Management Training - with the Super Retail Success Bundle you'll come to understand what training is necessary, for whom, and when.

Exceptional Customer Service Strategies - what you should and should not do! Simple enough yet a very few gets it. Find out the 7 deadly sins of customer service...and a few more that may surprise you.

Setting Expectations and Goals for Staff - this alone, will get you a 20% increase in sales right off the bat. How do your people know when to stretch, when to pull out all the stops? They need to know what is expected of them crystal clearly with established targets and goals. They also need to know how they are progressing against the targets all the time.

Developing a Winning Performance Culture in Your Stores/Organization - winners don't have bad attitudes - you must instill and install a performance culture in your organization. Super Retail Success Bundle will show you how.

Employee Motivation Insights and Techniques - here's how to get your people to motivate themselves. Intrinsic motivation is the most powerful.

Retail Employee Performance and Skills Evaluation Tools - don't beat around the bush. Learn how to monitor and evaluate performance to work in favor of the business...the end result being improved and better motivated staff. I Succeed Retail Performance Evaluation System eliminates surprises.

Retail Math, Formulas and Explanations - Learn the lingo that successful retail managers speak, improve your knowledge level in this critical side of the business.

Retail Key Performance Indicators (KPI's): an in depth discussion of every one of the top KPI's to assist you in determining what you should be looking at every day and in what order.

What to Measure, How to Measure and How to Interpret the Results & Take Action

Organizing - Planning Techniques and Tools Specific to a Retail Environment - Running a retail business is unlike any other. Get the tool and the know how to schedule and achieve everything you have to get done.

Meeting Topics for Effective and Motivational Staff Meetings

Excellent Communications Methods - In-Store, H.O. or District/Region - letting things fall through the cracks, and dropping the ball in retail can spell disaster - learn how to keep on top of everything; keep everyone connected and accountable.

The Store Management Process Fully Explained

Managing with Integrity and Respect - Building your leadership persona that is effective and readily embraced by your people is half the battle for your success.

And More…

Our customers have great things to say about the Super Retail Success Bundle…

I love the services and products DMSRetail provides, because it gives me the much-needed direction so vital for the business, and to my knowledge no one else provides this kind of information.

Isma Hanum, Retail Business Owner

"The immediate impression I got was that they (the guides) are worth every penny."

Grace M.Munyirwa, Retail Business Owner

"Thank you so much. You have wonderful resources and I also enjoy your newsletter. Keep up the good work!"

Ken Cooper, Regional Manager

"I really enjoy reading every word of your books and the knowledge I gain has helped me develop in my role as DM. Thanks again."

Evan Haft, District Manager

"You guys have great products and they are very useful."

Chris Russell, Retail Operations Manager

“…it has motivated me to not accept being an average manager.”

John Philson, Store Manager

Here are the Success Guides and Tools included in the Super Retail Success Bundle:

Managing for Higher Retail Success

A definitive guide to outstanding success for progressive retail managers. This guide will demonstrate the proven ways of significantly increasing your sales volume, increasing profitability and achieving higher customer retention rates. This guide will show you how to create a level of performance that will cushion you against the trap of circumstances that are beyond your control. The content of this guide will empower you to move forward and succeed at a new and elevated level despite obstacles. As you implement the ideas and concepts given to you, you will quickly see tangible results and will begin to approach every new day with renewed excitement and enthusiasm.

Retail Math Made Simple - 4th Edition

For a lot of people the phrase retail math conjures up horrifying memories from their school days. Even so, they realize that retail math is a very important part of operating a retail business. In every business there is never ending number crunching going on. The analysts have to look at the numbers from every angle to ensure on-going profitability. A retail store, or group of stores, is no different. There are many numbers that need to be analyzed regularly to help in managing the day to day business; to aid in decision making on just about everything. You don't need to be an accountant or a mathematician to make the calculations. Retail math is not difficult. All you need to know is which numbers to use and how to interpret the results.

22 Ways of Highly Successful Store Managers

Every so often a book comes along that really resonates with you; a book that you read with such intense interest that you don’t want to put it down. These books add value to your life because you actually take away something that can help you; something you suddenly realize that you have been waiting for, even though you didn’t necessarily know that you were waiting for it. But what a difference it makes. All at once you see through what’s been bothering you – even if it was just a little nagging doubt or thought about what you’re doing in your career. Well, 22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers is that book.

I Succeed – Retail Employee Evaluation System

The Retail Performance Evaluation System – " I SUCCEED " - is recommended for Store, Region and Head Office management. It will lead you through a process that is designed to give you a true picture of your retail employees’ performance. It covers all of the skills, traits and behaviors that retail employees require in order to represent successful retailers today. This ultimate performance review and improvement system will make sure you always get the most out of your employees. Studies clearly show that having an effective evaluation system in place will drastically improve productivity and profitability.

Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons

When a prospective customer is considering a product or service, the most important question on his/her mind is "What's in it for me?" Of course, they are not verbalizing that and may not even be aware that they are asking that question. But they are. Some sales people will answer that all important question with a big, long list of everything s/he knows about the product and nothing about how the product will make the customer feel.

This guide will tell you how to answer “What’s in it for me?” And because that answer is going to appeal to your customers’ emotions, your sales are going to increase. It’s simple really.

Winning at Store Management

The Winning at Store Management success guide includes "Hiring Aces" and "Training the Best". You don't have to hope that you are hiring the right people - there's no mystery to it and we'll tell you how in "Hiring Aces". You'll get the interview questions and responses you should listen for. You will get the ideas on how to train the best - all in Winning at Store Management.

Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner

Retail Business Owners and Store Managers are General Managers of one or more business units. Often they are sales people, maintenance workers, ambassadors of customer service, shippers, receivers, security people, bankers, bookkeepers, productivity analysts, human resources representatives, you name it... For all these diverse tasks, Store Managers need a unique organizer-planner that works along with them. DMSRetail offers this unique organizer-planner specifically designed for people who run stores.

Retail Customer Service Fundamentals - 2nd Edition

Save time and money by getting your new hires up to speed fast. For individuals who are new to the retail/restaurant industry, DMSRetail provides this essential training manual to get them up to speed and ready in a very short time. This is beneficial to the individual, as well as the management to ensure that the new employee performs the basic customer service requirements flawlessly. Retailers want people who are both willing and able to provide their customers with excellent customer service. They know that the key to their success lies in their ability to provide consistently excellent customer service.


Retail Manager's Exclusive DVD Collection:

This is an exceptional opportunity to add 8 DVD's to your retail management success arsenal. With a combined total of six and a half hours worth of practical retail information, insights and wisdom from retail experts, these Retail Management DVD's are a must have for your collection. All 8 DVD's in this collection include the expert instructor's verbal presentation with explanations and examples, plus all of the PowerPoint presentations. You can use these Retail Management DVD's and PowerPoint presentations for your own information or you can get even more value from them by using them as a training tool for your employees.

The DVD's in this collection were recorded live during our retail management webinars. Here is what you'll get: Retail Answers Webinars I, II and III where DMSRetail experts provide answers to a wide variety of retail questions from our subscribers, such as: Measuring & managing productivity, loss prevention, handling slow moving inventory, interviewing, explaining GMROII and GMROF, staff incentives, building a culture committed to quality, creating a winning team with long term employees, the power of profit multipliers and measuring advertising effectiveness, to name a few.

You'll also get the 22 Ways Webinar where three of the 22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Manager's are explained in detail. Motivation in retail - internal and external, Effective Communication and how to make it happen in your retail organization and Growth Orientation in retail.

And the Retail Math Made Simple Webinar DVD. This is a one and a half hour presentation designed to inform retail professionals all about retail math, metrics and KPI's - complete with calculations, examples and full explanations of the importance of retail math, metrics and KPI's in measuring the success of your retail operation.

Our New Retail Technologies You Can Benefit From Now’ DVD contains a compilation of emerging technologies that are sure to help increase your reach and increase profits.

The Store Management Process - DMSRetail's trademarked description and the framework of important actions and steps that must be followed to ensure success in store performance. It is one of a kind...and full of information revealing the keys to success used by most effective store managers.

And, finally, our newest addition to the DVD Collection, Success Tips & Strategies DVD gives you information that is worth thousands when properly used and implemented. This is the kind of information only super experienced and successful retail managers have access to.

All 8 DVD's in this collection include the expert instructor's verbal presentation with explanations and examples, plus all of the PowerPoint presentations. You can use these Retail Management DVD's and PowerPoint presentations for your own information or you can get even more value from them by using them as a training tool for your employees.

This is a great opportunity for you to grab all the tools, insights and secrets you'll need to meet the constant challenges of Retail Management. You can be better informed, better prepared and more successful than you ever imagined.

Owning your own Super Retail Success Bundle is like having a group of highly experienced, successful retail management coaches available to you 24/7…whenever you need an answer, a plan, a new tactic, a retail headache remedy….everything.

The Super Retail Success Bundle is a virtual treasure trove of ideas, information and "how-to" for your continued success and all at a "very special" price.

Risk Free: You get to try the Super Retail Success Bundle. If you don’t think this material has paid for itself several times over, just ask for a refund.

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